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Good Dental Hygiene

Good Dental Hygiene Tips for Kids

When it comes to oral health, parents need to teach their kids healthy habits from the beginning. Here are a few good dental hygiene tips for kids. Good dental hygiene is an essential and, unfortunately, often neglected part of staying healthy for adults and children alike. It’s so neglected, in fact, that tooth decay is

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Preventative dentistry

Why Preventative Dentistry is a Must for Children

Is you son or daughter afraid of the toothbrush? Do they avoid floss at all costs? Here is why preventative care is a must for children. It can be difficult to convince your child to brush and floss their teeth. Small children don’t understand why they should brush their teeth. Toothbrushing can be a stressful

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oral hygiene

How Oral Hygiene Has an Influence On Quality of Life

Are you a person that plays down the importance of oral health? Well you shouldn’t according to this study how oral health has an influence on quality of life. Oral hygiene could be the difference between great and poor general health. It’s not all about cavities and tooth extractions. Your oral health could determine other

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