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What’s the Difference Between Clear Correct vs Invisalign?

In need of teeth alignment and traditional wire braces aren’t your thing? You should try clear aligners. These guys perform the same job of traditional braces. They’re able to readjust the positioning of your teeth for a better smile. Also, they’re removable. But, as their name suggests, they’re quite unnoticeable. In fact, they’re often referred

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I’m Embarrassed to Go to the Dentist. What Do I Do?

Are you part of the 9 to 15% of Americans who don’t go to the dentist because they’re embarrassed, anxious or afraid? You might be experiencing dental anxiety, which is recognized by uneasiness or exaggerated fears about going to the dentist. It’s also characterized by being embarrassed to go to the dentist because of the

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bright smile

5 Simple Tips for Getting a Bright Smile

It’s pretty astounding how much of a difference a bright smile can make. It affects how others see us and even certain opportunities in our lives like dating. But most of us don’t practice proper dental hygiene habits necessary for a great smile. With a few quick tips, that can change! Here are 5 simple

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