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5 Ways Using Invisalign Boosts Your Confidence

American adults have a confidence problem. A 2016 survey revealed that 36% of American adults feel they lack the confidence to participate in major life events like speaking at a wedding or giving a presentation for their job. That same study revealed that after weight, Americans are most concerned with how their teeth look. These

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how to reverse gum disease

How to Reverse Gum Disease with a Visit to a Dentist

Nearly half of all American adults (47.2 percent) are currently dealing with moderate or severe gum disease. If you’re part of this group, don’t give up hope. You still have options! Read on to learn how to reverse gum disease with a trip to the dentist. What is Gum Disease? Gum disease occurs when plaque

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periodontal therapy

What Is Periodontal Therapy and How It Stops Tooth Loss

If you’re experiencing periodontal disease, you know how scary that can be. No one wants to deal with bleeding gums or teeth loss. The good thing is that you can treat early stages of this disease with periodontal therapy. Do you want to effectively take care of your periodontal disease? In this article, we’ll explain

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