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3 Tips for Proper Invisalign Care

If you just got Invisalign, you’re well on your way to a happy and healthy smile.

One of the benefits of Invisalign is avoiding a lot of the high-maintenance care associated with braces. You don’t need to worry about avoiding popcorn and gum, and you can remove the aligners easily.

Over all, it goes without saying that Invisalign is a far more low-maintenance option for people of all ages.

But proper care is still essential to maintaining your dental health. Not taking dental health and hygiene seriously while wearing Invisalign can damage your progress towards a happy and healthy smile.

Oral hygiene is about more than just your teeth. It can have a strong impact on your quality of life. So take it seriously.

With that in mind, here’s some advice on proper Invisalign care.

Get an Invisalign Care Kit

Care kits are the only way to clean your Invisalign.

The Invisalign cleaning system comes with cleaning crystals that keep your aligners free of plaque and food.

Because Invisalign is unique, you can’t afford to use something other than the cleaning kit. Toothbrushes and mouthwash are not enough to clean your aligners.

Make sure you clean your Invisalign with the proper devices.

Know What To Drink With Invisalign

Invisalign can be removed, which means you don’t need to spend years avoiding specific food and liquids. However, there are things you need to avoid while they are in.

Many of the things you need to avoid are beverages. If you’re a coffee or tea drinker, you should only drink them with the aligners out. And if you’re a soda drinker, you shouldn’t be.

The aligners do not handle heat or beverages other than water well. If you are wearing Invisalign, you should only drink cold or room-temperature water with the aligners in.

Store Your Invisalign Properly

Proper Invisalign care extends to the storage of your aligners.

Many people will store their aligners in the worst places. They assume that as long as it’s out of their mouth it’s safe, and put it in paper towels or other makeshift storage.

This is a bad idea.

Your aligners come with a case for a reason. You should only ever store your Invisalign in its proper case to minimize damage.

Other storage methods can stain or damage the aligners by exposing them to germs in the air and fibers on the napkin or paper towel being used.

There are two places your aligners should go: your mouth or their case.


Proper Invisalign care is essential to maintaining your progress towards a healthy smile. And while it may seem high maintenance, it’s well worth it for the privilege of being happy with your smile each and every day.

Though proper dental care starts with your habits, visiting professionals is the only way to catch damage before it gets serious and avoid serious harm to your dental health.

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