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5 Telltale Signs You Might Need Braces

Did you know having white, straight teeth attracts people in the same way a peacock’s tail feather attracts other peacocks? When someone sees your shiny straight gnashers, their brain tells them you are a genetically suitable mate.

Science! Who knew?

So what happens if you or your kids don’t have straight teeth? Are you doomed to a lifetime of your children living in your basement doing taxidermy? Of course not.

They simply need braces.

Having straight teeth is more than just something cosmetic. It’s good for the overall health of your jaw. Keep reading and learn when you need braces, and how braces can be good for you and your kids.

1. Fix a Misaligned Bite

An extremely common problem to have, and equally as simple for braces to correct. In short, you have this condition if your top teeth and bottom teeth don’t come together even when you bite.

Having a misaligned bite causes excessive wear to your teeth, makes them more susceptible to breakage and can cause headaches.

Aligning your bite through braces is great for the overall health of your jaw.

2. You Have Too Many Teeth

Of course, having more teeth than fit comfortably in the space provided doesn’t look great, but the problem is more than cosmetic.

People with a crowded mouth report a more difficult time speaking and chewing than those without. Also, overcrowding creates crevices that are particularly challenging to clean properly. These areas can cause gum diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis.

3. Wide Open Spaces

Another cosmetic issue with some major health consequences if left unattended.

Food can more easily get stuck in large gaps between your teeth, wearing down the enamel of the affected teeth. Structurally, the teeth support one another when they are closer to one another. This isn’t the case when they are not.

If you have large gaps between your teeth, then you probably need braces.

4. Adjust Crooked Teeth

Think about a building. They are designed to stand vertically. If it was tilted on its side, would that be great for the building’s integrity? Of course not. It would wear down more quickly and more than likely collapse.

The same is true for your teeth. When a tooth is crooked, its integrity is in greater jeopardy and is more likely to break off.

5. Pain in the Jaw

The last sign you may be in need of braces would be a chronic pain in your jaw.

This could be a sign of misalignment and is something you should talk to with an experienced dental professional immediately. Pain in the jaw can lead to TMJ disorder and more serious ailments.

Need Braces? Talk to the Experts

Braces can seem like a frightening process, especially for a child. However, the long-term impact on their health and social life is invaluable.

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