Anti-Snoring Devices


Snoring not only makes it more difficult for your loved ones to sleep, but it can adversely affect your own sleep cycle as well. If you or a loved one snores frequently, then Healthy Smiles of California can help with our various anti-snoring devices.


Specially made to keep your air passages from being blocked in the night, chinstraps are special slings that wrap around your jaw and head to keep your mouth from hanging open in the night. While a chinstrap might sound uncomfortable to wear, Healthy Smiles of California is dedicated to giving you a chinstrap design that fits securely and feels comfortable so you can sleep soundly. If you snore because your mouths hangs open, then chinstraps may be the perfect solution for you. However, if you snore for a different reason, a chinstrap will be of limited use.

Nasal Devices

Nasal devices are a relatively simple way to stop you from snoring. Nasal cones are special cones that hold your nostrils open while you sleep. This will allow you to breathe easily and deeply during the night. Nasal Strips, meanwhile, are placed on the outside of the nose, pulling the skin of your nose in such a way that they hold your nostrils open, allowing you to breathe more easily. Obviously, this method of treatment works best for people who snore through their noses and will not work for everyone.

Oral Devices

Oral anti-snoring devices are largely the most expensive, popular, and, in general, the most effective solution to snoring. Think of oral anti-snoring devices as more complicated versions of a mouthguard, except rather than protecting your teeth from trauma, these devices are designed to reposition your jaw and tongue to keep your airways open and prevent you from snoring. However, oral anti-snoring devices are often uncomfortable at first, as they take quite a bit of time to get used to. At Healthy Smiles of California, we always do everything in our power to ensure our patients receive the most comfortable and effective oral anti-snoring devices available, should you chose that route.

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