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At Home vs In Office Teeth Whitening: Which is Best?

Today, more than 80% of Americans between the age of 18 and 49 want whiter teeth. This is because tooth discoloration affects peoples’ self-confidence and professional appearance.

There are many different types of teeth whitening techniques available. These consist of two main categories: at-home treatment or in office care. Many people look at this decision from the old DIY-vs-hiring a professional point of view. And, like everything else, there are pros and cons to both.

Here’s why in office teeth whitening services are your best option:


Most people consider a trip to the dentist a nuisance. But individuals with busy schedules are starting to turn to professional whitening services because they’re more efficient and convenient.

Professional teeth whitening takes a fraction of the time compared to doing it at home. At home whitening kits rely on the following to restore your teeth to their original tone:

  • Trays
  • Rinsing liquids
  • Special types of toothpaste

In office procedures consist of a quick trip to the dentist. This means you won’t have to worry about remembering to rinse or spend hours wearing a dental strip.

Types of Staining

There are different reasons your teeth may stain. Unfortunately, in some cases, whitening doesn’t help.

Home kits can’t identify the reason why your teeth are changing color. If you visit a professional, they can tell you the reason your teeth are changing color and offer you treatment options.

Faster and Longer-Lasting

One of the biggest advantages in office whitening offers is immediate results. At home whitening kits don’t allow the usage of strong chemicals. Instead, they gradually work on whitening your teeth day after day.

Professional whitening services whiten your teeth right away. They also offer longer-lasting results than their in-house counterparts.

More Visible Results

Dental care specialists can use powerful whitening agents. This helps to restore your smile’s youthful appearance.

For this reason, in office whitening tends to provide more visible results. Additionally, home kits work at a slower pace. This means it’s much harder to see the difference right away.

Increased Safety

At home whitening kits don’t use the same whitening agents as professionals. That said, you also need to be very careful when handling them. Home kits may cause gum irritation and sensitive teeth. This means that they’re not a viable option for all people.

Dental care professionals create a safe environment while whitening your teeth. They can provide solutions like custom-made whitening trays. These allow you to carry out at home restorations in a safe way.

Identify Possible Dental Problems

Teeth discoloration may happen because of deeper health problems. The best way to find out the exact cause is to have a professional check your teeth. In office whitening can help identify issues and solutions before they arise.

Getting the Best In Office Teeth Whitening Service

As you can see in office teeth whitening is a more reliable solution. It’s also safer than doing it at home.

If you want to hire a professional teeth whitening professional in San Diego, why not get in touch with Pacific Beach Smile Studio? We provide in office whitening services to help restore your teeth back to their natural brightness.


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