Athletic Mouth Guards

Mouth Guards

If you’re an athlete or regularly participate in nearly any form of sports, then you have a higher-than-average risk of damaging your mouth and teeth. Mouth guards drastically reduce the amount of oral injuries that athletes suffer, saving you a lot of money and embarrassment in the long run. Our line of custom-made athletic mouth guards can comfortably protect your mouth and teeth from damage, no matter what athletic activity you are participating in. Our athletic mouth guards are of the highest quality and will not interfere with your breathing or severely slur your speech.

Types of Mouth Guards

There are two main varieties of mouth guards. The first (stock mouth guards) can be bought at any sporting goods store. It offers basic protection for your mouth and teeth, but won’t be fitted to you specifically, so it may be uncomfortable, bulky, and interfere with your speaking and breathing. And there is another problem. Since stock mouth guards aren’t fitted to each person individually, there are many situations where these mouth guards don’t offer the right amount of protection.

However, we provide custom-made mouth guards, which are specially made and fitted to match and protect your mouth. These are significantly smaller and less obtrusive, meaning that you’ll be able to breathe and speak normally. And since they are designed especially to fit your mouth, you’ll be more comfortable and your teeth will be much more protected. The materials used in custom mouth guards is also much stronger than the material used in stock mouth guards. This means that custom guards are obviously more expensive, but also much more durable and, once again, offer much more protection.

If you play sports regularly and feel you need the best protection available for your mouth, stop by and we’ll give you a mouth guard specifically made to suit your needs.

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