How to Protect Your Teeth This Halloween

There’s nothing scarier to Dr. Ricardo Hernandez than a tooth-destroying cavity. Unfortunately, because of excessive candy consumption, Halloween is primetime for cavities. Dr. Hernandez has seen his office “haunted” around this time of year with patients needing dental treatment to restore the health and beauty of decayed teeth. The good news is that you can

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Tips for Reducing Anxiety about Dental Treatment

If you feel nervous or anxious about dental treatment, you are not alone. Millions of people experience dental anxiety, and may put off needed treatment because they are fearful of dental visits. This anxiety might stem from an early childhood traumatic experience, or from another issue such as posttraumatic stress or a mood or anxiety

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Why replace my missing teeth?

Why replace my missing teeth? Even with one missing, over time the empty space will cause the teeth around it to cave and drift in. For example, teeth behind will shift forward and the teeth above the space will start to erupt down. Because your teeth are always shifting and starting to drift back this

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