What’s the Difference Between Clear Correct vs Invisalign?

In need of teeth alignment and traditional wire braces aren’t your thing? You should try clear aligners. These guys perform the same job of traditional braces. They’re able to readjust the positioning of your teeth for a better smile. Also, they’re removable. But, as their name suggests, they’re quite unnoticeable. In fact, they’re often referred

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I’m Embarrassed to Go to the Dentist. What Do I Do?

Are you part of the 9 to 15% of Americans who don’t go to the dentist because they’re embarrassed, anxious or afraid? You might be experiencing dental anxiety, which is recognized by uneasiness or exaggerated fears about going to the dentist. It’s also characterized by being embarrassed to go to the dentist because of the

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bright smile

5 Simple Tips for Getting a Bright Smile

It’s pretty astounding how much of a difference a bright smile can make. It affects how others see us and even certain opportunities in our lives like dating. But most of us don’t practice proper dental hygiene habits necessary for a great smile. With a few quick tips, that can change! Here are 5 simple

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food for healthy teeth and gums

What’s the Best Food for Healthy Teeth and Gums?

If you’re not already aware, you should know that what you eat has a huge effect on your overall oral health. Some foods contain substances which are kryptonite for your teeth and gums while others contain substances which are actually greatly beneficial for your teeth and gums. Unfortunately, a great many of the foods existing

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Good Dental Hygiene

Good Dental Hygiene Tips for Kids

When it comes to oral health, parents need to teach their kids healthy habits from the beginning. Here are a few good dental hygiene tips for kids. Good dental hygiene is an essential and, unfortunately, often neglected part of staying healthy for adults and children alike. It’s so neglected, in fact, that tooth decay is

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flossing with braces

How to Make Flossing with Braces Much Easier

Getting a popcorn kernel stuck in your teeth can be the most annoying part of the day for someone with braces. But flossing with braces would have to come as a close second. Your oral hygiene is more important than ever with braces. With such an investment in your smile, it would be a real

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Can You Transition From Braces to Invisalign?

Invisalign vs. braces — which is more effective? More importantly, can you transition from braces to Invisalign? Braces and Invisalign are both effective at straightening teeth and improving smiles. However, if you started your orthodontic treatment with braces, you may have some regrets for that decision. Fortunately, there’s some good news — you can switch

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teeth whitening kits

3 Reasons to Ditch Teeth Whitening Kits

There’s nothing wrong with wanting whiter teeth and a brighter smile. Today there are a variety of different teeth whitening kits available over the counter. However, what many people don’t realize about these kits is that they come with hidden risks. In this post, we’ll examine the reasons why you should quit using at-home teeth whitening kits. 3

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dental veneers

5 Signs You Might Need Dental Veneers

What’s in a smile? Apparently everything, according to a new study that shows Americans perceive those with straight teeth to be 58% more like to be successful. They also found that  87% of surveyed Americans would forego something for a year to have a perfect smile the rest of their life. The good news is

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