temporary crown

How to Determine if You Need a Permanent or Temporary Crown

You’ve likely read that you need to schedule a visit to your dentist’s office at least twice a year. However, recent studies show that getting your mouth checked out every six months may not be enough. Especially with cosmetic dentistry and smile solutions surging in popularity, people are spending more time at the dentist’s office

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Preventative dentistry

Why Preventative Dentistry is a Must for Children

Is you son or daughter afraid of the toothbrush? Do they avoid floss at all costs? Here is why preventative care is a must for children. It can be difficult to convince your child to brush and floss their teeth. Small children don’t understand why they should brush their teeth. Toothbrushing can be a stressful

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oral hygiene

How Oral Hygiene Has an Influence On Quality of Life

Are you a person that plays down the importance of oral health? Well you shouldn’t according to this study how oral health has an influence on quality of life. Oral hygiene could be the difference between great and poor general health. It’s not all about cavities and tooth extractions. Your oral health could determine other

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E-Cigarettes On Par with Tobacco in Damage to Oral Health

Have you bought into the myth that e-cigs are less damaging the cigarettes? New research shows that. e-cigarettes are on par with cigarettes for oral health. Are you a smoker? Perhaps you were, and you managed to kick that habit by moving over to e-cigarettes. They were, after all, the healthy alternative to smoking.  Right? 

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