Clear Braces Can Do THAT? 4 Common Problems Invisalign Can Fix

Clear braces – think Invisalign – have been one of the biggest things to happen in the world of orthodontics in recent years.

Do they live up to the hype?

You bet they do! In fact, there’s probably even more to Invisalign than you realized.

Struggling with an overbite or underbite? Got some lower teeth crowding or embarrassing gaps? Invisalign to the rescue!

Read on for more detail on 4 common problems Invisalign can fix.

1. Gap Between Front Teeth

Many of us feel uncomfortable about the appearance of our teeth and a gap right in the middle of our smile can really dent our self-confidence.

Don’t worry – Invisalign’s got you covered.

The unique patented Invisalign technology maps your mouth before designing the molds for your braces. Your orthodontist will discuss the look you want to achieve and areas that require attention.

Invisalign braces work by moving your teeth a little at a time. This means that there’s no need to fill that gap between your teeth artificially. Your own teeth are moved a little at a time into position, reducing the gap naturally.

2. Crowded Lower Teeth

When lower teeth are crowded, there isn’t enough room for each of your teeth to stand straight and true as you’d like.

Some may even jostle for position, with one tucking behind another. This can cause embarrassment and dental problems, such as difficulties with flossing.

Invisalign teeth straightening works on this problem by gradually moving them into their correct position in your smile. As the braces are clear, most people won’t even know you’re wearing them as you get the look you’ve always wanted.

3. Overbite

While most of us have an overbite to some extent, an overbite that we feel is prominent can be a cause of anxiety. Overbite can also play a part in other issues, including obstructive sleep apnoea and jaw pain.

Invisalign can also be used to correct overbite in many patients. The clear plastic braces can be designed to correct the position of your teeth and even your jaw, to help reduce the percentage of your overbite.

The changes that Invisalign produces are gradual, so do not expect overnight results. However, this process means that they are sustainable, so if you follow the full course of braces, within a year you may be able to overcome your overbite.

4. Underbite

An underbite, meaning that your lower teeth are in front of your upper teeth, can cause problems, including jaw pain and accelerated tooth decay.

In cases where an underbite is caused by the positioning of the lower teeth, Invisalign can often be a good solution. By gradually moving the teeth into the correct position, an underbite can often be eliminated by a full course of treatment.

The Bottom Line: The Invisalign Solution for Overbite and More…

Whatever your dental issue, whether overbite, underbite, gaps or overcrowding, Invisalign probably has the answer for it.

The tiny, gradual movements and the fact that they’re virtually invisible mean that they’re a great way to get the smile you want, improve your oral health and boost your self-confidence!

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