Dentures are replacement teeth that can be easily removed from the mouth for cleaning or repair. At Healthy Smiles of California, we offer both full dentures (which replace all of the teeth in your mouth) and partial dentures (for patients only missing a few teeth) to suit the needs of our patients.

Partial Dentures

If you are missing teeth, but still have one or more teeth remaining in your upper or lower jaw, then you’ll be supplied with partial dentures. Partial dentures involves the needed replacement teeth on a plastic base, colored pink to match your gums more closely. These sometimes also involve a metal framework to hold the denture in place. This both replaces your missing teeth, but also is useful in keeping your other teeth from changing position in your mouth over time. Partial dentures are removable, and will often need to be removed for proper cleaning and repair.

Full Dentures

Full Dentures replace all the teeth in your mouth, and are what most people think of when they hear the word “dentures”. Full dentures can either be made before your teeth are removed (which will get you the dentures more quickly, but at the risk of potentially needing more adjustments down the line as your gums change shape during the healing process) or afterwards (which takes several weeks, but requires fewer adjustments, as they are made after the bulk of the healing process is complete). Like partial dentures, complete dentures are removable, and may have to be removed for cleaning, adjustment, and repair.

What If I Don’t Want Dentures?

If you are missing teeth but don’t want dentures, then you might want to consider dental implants, a more comfortable, durable, and permanent solution to the loss of multiple teeth. However, dental implants are typically much more expensive, so dentures may be the best option for you if dental implants aren’t affordable for you right now.

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