The Disadvantages of Traditional Braces (And Why You Should Choose Invisalign Instead)

Dental spending continues to rise. Can you believe that dental expenses exceed 120 billion? One common and pricey necessity includes braces.

While some seek straighter teeth for cosmetic purposes, improving your smile alignment also can impact your overall health and allow you to eat better and speak clearer.

Have you recently decided to start the journey towards straighter teeth and wondering what type of braces to choose?

Keep reading for a few of the disadvantages of traditional braces and how you can avoid them with Invisalign!

1. Appearance is Everything

One of the most apparent downsides to choosing regular braces is the less than ideal appearance. Metal brackets are placed on each tooth and are very visible.

Many people become self-conscious about the braces and avoid smiling whenever possible. The braces can lead to teasing for kids and even issues for adults required to speak frequently for their job.

This is why it is important to truly assess early on what type of braces would be best for you or your child.

2. Food and Drink Restrictions

Another pain relating to traditional braces are the numerous foods and beverages that are off limits. It is absolutely crucial to avoid eating and drinking anything that increases the chance of cavities or damage to the hardware.

This means avoiding sweets and soda and especially any sticky, gummy candy like Laffy Taffy that can easily get stuck in the braces.

Unfortunately, with regular metal braces, you also have to avoid any hard snacks. These are risky because they can easily break small parts of the braces.

3. Require Regular Adjustments

When compared to the easy of Invisalign, metal braces are can be significantly more painful and inconvenient for busy adults on the go. This is because they require regular adjustments.

These can also lead to repeated school absences for children.

These visits entail tightening which can leave your mouth and teeth sore for a few days after. During the visits, the dentist uses different tools, some of which sharp. While rare, it is possible for these to cut or injure your mouth.

4. Easy to Neglect Proper Hygiene

The hardware covers parts of your tooth and makes it difficult to reach certain places. Because of this, it is very easy to slack on your hygiene with metal braces.

It can be difficult to get every area clean, so it requires patients to be diligent with brushing, flossing, and rinsing.

Invisalign by far is the easiest option to clean.

5. Stigma

While untrue, there is still a pervasive stigma associated with regular braces. This is especially true as an adult.

This can make you feel uncomfortable and less confident. By choosing Invisalign, you will limit the number of people who even know you have braces!

It’s Time to Ditch Your Traditional Braces

As illustrated, there are quite a few disadvantages to regular metal braces. Invisalign will give you added freedom and flexibility, not to mention confidence!

If you are ready to discuss your options for braces further, please contact us.

We look forward to helping you with your teeth dreams!


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