eating with permanent crowns

Have the Crown and Eat Too: The Best Foods to Eat and What to Avoid Eating with Permanent Crowns

With 15 million people in the United States having crowns or replacement bridges on their teeth, you are not alone.

Sometimes, it can feel weird having tough dental work. You can feel like you’re alone or even sometimes stigmatized. But, don’t worry – there are lots of people like you.

When you’re eating with permanent crowns, there are several foods you’ll want to avoid altogether. But the good news is, there are tons of different types of foods you can chow down on safely!

We’ve got the best foods to eat and the foods to avoid with permanent crowns or implants.

Eating with Permanent Crowns

It can be good, bad, or ugly when you have permanent dental cement. But if you follow some simple rules, it doesn’t have to be difficult! You can eat most everything, but here are the foods to avoid with permanent crowns:


First and foremost, don’t eat saltwater taffy, Laffy Taffy, or any other kind of taffy! You are asking for a dental emergency, especially if you have a temporary dental crown or any kind of tooth cement.

Don’t even try it!


Similar to taffy, this sticky stuff can pop your crown right off. If you do eat some of this confectionary delight, make sure you chew with your back molars (unless those are crowns, too). 

Avoid anything that’s so sticky it can be pulled more than an inch away from your face! 


If you have a newly crowned tooth, stay away from nuts and other hard crunchy foods. They can easily dislodge a newly cemented crown.

Even if you’re eating months later, be careful how many you chew at once. If anything seems hard to break with your teeth, exercise caution. It’s not worth the pain or expense!

Crunchy Vegetables

Baby carrots are a huge culprit of popped out temporary dental crowns – and permanent ones, too. Be wary of how hard you’re chewing, and how much you’re biting off.

Other crunchy vegetables, such as raw broccoli and cucumber skins, can also be bad for your teeth. Even with healthy foods, be careful eating with a permanent crown!

What Can I Eat?

There are lots of foods that won’t upset your dental crowns. Soft foods, of course, are the easiest – smoothies, mashed potatoes, and healthy Greek yogurt. Watch out for sweets like milkshakes and ice cream, as the cold and sugar can wreak havoc on your teeth.

If you have sensitive teeth, you’ll know to stay away from foods at extreme temperatures. Make sure you eat your food lukewarm and drink your water at room temperature. This can help with sensitivity, especially when dealing with a temporary crown.

Soft breads, not chewy bagels or crunchy baguettes, are good for right after your crown. But make sure to brush and floss after eating! Curried foods and rice will also be neutral to your permanent or temporary dental crown.

Anything that’s not hard or sticky should do the trick. The kinder you are to your mouth, the better it will serve you in the long run!

Have a Megawatt Smile

Eating with permanent crowns will get easier over time, and you’ll be glad you took the time and effort to care for your oral health. Avoid foods and drinks that rot your teeth, and make sure you see your dentist at least once or twice per year.

If you’re looking for more ways to make sure your smile is white and happy, keep reading our blog! We want you to feel confident and glowing, from your teeth to your toes.

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