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What to Know About the Cost of Invisalign (and Why it’s Worth It!)

People have different views on their teeth.

Folks with clean and symmetrical teeth flash them like jewels. But many others worry about their teeth. So much that they smile with their mouth closed.

Let’s be honest–are your teeth as perfect as possible? Are your kid’s? If not, now’s the perfect time to try out Invisalign.

Many people let crooked or asymmetrical teeth off the hook because of the cost of Invisalign. The truth is that the investment is well worth the money. The price is less scary than it seems right now.

Here’s why.

You Can Get Help

On the surface, paying for Invisalign entirely on your own seems like a scary idea. That’s not totally wrong, either. Thousands of dollars out of your pocket?

For many families, it’s not a great choice. But that’s why you don’t have to make that decision.

There are many ways you can share the financial load of fixing your kid’s teeth.

For one, many dental care coverage plans used to cover braces, but not Invisalign. That’s all changing now, as more and more companies are covering Invisalign, too.

If that doesn’t ease the burden for you, don’t sweat it. There are still other ways of co-paying. Consider purchasing a dental discount membership.

It’s a plan that puts you–a patient looking for a reduced-rate of Invisalign–with dentists looking to give patients deals.

And, you could always contact an office that sells Invisalign. They’ll be sure to convince you.

The Benefits Outweigh the Cost of Invisalign

When you compare braces vs. Invisalign in daily use, it’s really no contest. Braces are permanent metal studs that stick to teeth.

Food gets stuck in them, and they can be embarrassing for those who wear them.

This isn’t the case with Invisalign. You can take out the see-through plastic mold, which is see-through, anyhow, so nobody knows you’re wearing them.

And they’re still fixing your teeth, just like braces do.

Think Long-Term

The one advantage braces seem to have over Invisalign is the upfront cost.

When you compare the average costs of braces vs. Invisalign, it might seem like the cost of Invisalign is much, much more. That’s not quite right.

All in all, the price of braces can be just as much, or only a few hundred dollars less than Invisalign. That means the chatter about braces being cheaper might not even apply to you.

But, it’s important to zoom out when you think about the cost of Invisalign. You’re paying for a procedure which will last a few years at most. It’s true, right now you will be spending up to a few thousand dollars.

But the effects will last a lifetime. It’s no coincidence that people go crazy for the easiness and results of Invisalign.

Don’t you want to use your money in the most sensible way possible?

Consider Invisalign

Choosing Invisalign over braces or non-action won’t hit your pockets as hard as you think. Plus, it’ll be a better way for you or your child to straighten out their teeth.

The choice will pay off big time in the long run.

Why not think about it? Reach out to someone on our team to discuss the possibility of investing in Invisalign.

It’s a sensible choice that will straighten everything out.


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