Why replace my missing teeth?

Why replace my missing teeth?

Even with one missing, over time the empty space will cause the teeth around it to cave and drift in. For example, teeth behind will shift forward and the teeth above the space will start to erupt down. Because your teeth are always shifting and starting to drift back this can cause several bite problems. Resulting in headaches, clicking of the jaw and jaw pain.

Why replace my missing teeth? You can’t see the back teeth anyway?

When teeth are not aligned and are tilted they become harder to clean and can cause decay and gum disease.

What are my options to replace my missing teeth?

Fixed bridge

  • It is connected to the natural teeth and used to replace the missing tooth. Much like a crown it is cemented in and cannot be removed unless by the treating dentist.

Removable partial

  • It is designed to be removed and inserted by the patient. It connects to the natural teeth to hold its place.


  • Instead of a bridge or partial, implants are the ideal option. Not only is it a permanent solution to a missing tooth but the benefit about an implant is it does not affect the surrounding natural teeth.

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