what candy you can eat with braces

Ooo, Piece of Candy!: A Guide to What Candy You Can Eat with Braces

Want to know what candy you can eat with braces? You’ve come to the best place! We’re going to let you in on all the candy you can enjoy during your orthodontic treatment. 

The best part is you won’t have to worry about any embarrassing accidents. Also, you won’t have to face disheartening bills to fix damage to brackets. Read on to see all the yummy treats you can enjoy with braces! 

Do You Need Traditional Braces?

Before jumping into getting braces, ask your dentist about Invisalign braces. You might find a better alternative that lets you eat all the candy in the world without worry. Invisalign is a retainer-like tray that covers your teeth.

Think of a football mouth guard, but something that is sleek, thin, and blends in with your teeth. You can’t even tell you have braces on! It’s removable, so you can pop it out when you eat and brush your teeth. 

Sounds awesome, right? However, be aware that there are a few drawbacks. Invisalign is not as quick as traditional braces, so it may take a longer to see results. 

Consult your dentist for the best option that’s right for you! 

Now, for the Fun Part…What Candy You Can Eat with Braces

For those with traditional braces, eating candy is a big no-no…or so they say. There are many options for sweet treats when you have braces. It’s all about the piece of candy you choose, and how you chew that makes a difference. 

Hard candies can break brackets, without question. But, if you suck on them, then there is little to no chance of damage. Have hard candies that don’t contain a sticky taffy on the inside. 

Avoid gooey candies at all costs! Once you’re done with the hard candy, protect your teeth by flossing and brushing. The bacteria that sugar causes may lead to cavities

Chocolate Is Your New Best Friend

Since chocolate is soft and melts so easy, it’s a great choice. Opt out of hard chocolates, and choose a piece of candy that’s made from chocolate like Kit Kat. 

The worst kinds of candy are those with thick, gooey caramel or nuts. The caramel gets stuck inside the braces and is difficult to remove. Nuts can break a bracket when you bite down.  

Remember to eat all candy with caution, and chew slow and soft. This will help prevent damage. 

Did These Options Come a Little Too Late? No Worries! We’re Here to Save the Day

Didn’t know what candy you can eat with braces? You’re not alone! If you’ve cracked a tooth or broke a bracket, there’s help available. 

Sometimes the chewing gum is more tempting than the idea of more orthodontic work. We understand the temptation is hard to resist. That’s why we offer emergency services for any mishaps that occur.

We care about the comfort and safety of our patients. That’s why we go the extra mile to make sure that your treatment stays on track. Whether its candy or playing outside, we’re ready for all surprises.   

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