How Romantic Relationships Influence Oral Health

Dr. Ricardo Hernandez has some happy news for lovebirds celebrating Valentine’s Day this month. According to research from the University of Queensland, people in healthy romantic relationships are more likely to have good oral health. Keep reading for more details about this exciting discovery.

Queensland Team Links Love to Healthy Teeth

A PhD candidate named Grace Branjerdporn, who studies at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia, led a team that studied the dynamics of romantic relationships and their effect on oral health. The team, which was a collaboration between the UQ School of Health and Rehabilitation Services and the UQ School of Dentistry, used data from a previous study of 265 healthy, 30-something adults that explored the negative health effects of so-called “insecure attachment” styles.

According to Branjerdporn, there is evidence that individuals with an insecure attachment style in relationships tend to avoid seeking healthcare services — including dental services. Avoiding the dentist can be harmful to the health of the teeth and gums.

“We determined that those who tended to avoid emotionally intimacy or worried their partner would not be available to them in times of need, were more likely to have negative oral health outcomes. They were more likely to skip dental check-ups for preventative reasons, be overly self-conscious about how their teeth looked, and say their oral health was poorer,” said Branjerdporn.

On the flip side, Branjerdporn’s team concluded that adults with open, trusting relationships were more likely to have better dental visiting habits and healthier teeth. Being happy and in love made people conscientious of their appearance and dedicated to proper oral hygiene habits.

Branjerdporn and her team believe their findings may help to identify and proactively support people that are at risk of poor oral health.

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