Dental Restorations

In the ideal scenario, our teeth would withstand all that they go through on a daily basis. They would not discolor or decay. Gum tissue would not become irritated and weakened. In the real world, our teeth are not impervious to damage. At Pacific Beach Smile Studio, we take a proactive approach to oral health in an effort to avoid uncomfortable oral conditions like tooth decay or gum disease. In some cases, however, the need for restorative care arises.

The first level of restorative care that may be needed is a dental filling. By finding cavities quickly with our cavity finder tool, we are better able to address tooth decay quickly, in the most conservative manner. Dr. Hernandez provides fillings in tooth-colored material, as this is the most attractive and the healthiest option for restoration.

If a tooth sustains a high amount of damage from decay or trauma, an inlay or onlay may be used to restore form and function to the affected tooth. Inlays and onlays are similar in design, created in a dental laboratory with whom we have worked for over twenty years. These restorations, once completed in the dental lab, are bonded directly to the tooth for a long-lasting restoration that can withstand the forces of chewing for many years.

Sometimes a tooth needs a dental crown to look and function normally. A dental crown may be fabricated from a number of materials, such as gold or metal alloy. To keep your smile looking its best, Dr. Hernandez may recommend a dental crown with a porcelain coating, which creates a seamless appearance of the smile. For front teeth, all porcelain or ceramic crowns are most ideal, as they look like natural teeth and do not display a dark line at the gums.

Restoration may also be necessary if a tooth or teeth are lost. A lost tooth may be replaced via a dental bridge, or with a dental implant. In instances where all teeth have been lost, dental implants provide a greater degree of function than a traditional denture appliance, leading to confidence and sustained oral health.

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