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Teeth Cleaning for Children Made Easy

Your little ones hate brushing their teeth. Welcome to parenthood! But teeth cleaning for children doesn’t have to be a nightmare.

In fact, it can even be fun.

It’s recommended that teeth should be brushed for two full minutes each and every session. That can seem like a lifetime with an uncooperative child.

However, with a few simple tips, those agonizing minutes can be turned into a time you both look forward to.

Here’s how to make teeth cleaning for children a much better experience.

Consider Trading Places

Most of the time when it’s time to brush your toddler’s teeth, you have to pry your way into the process.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

To change the dynamic, pick a morning or night and let your child brush yours. It’s sure to bring a ton of laughs and show them that the process can be fun.

Show Them the Shine

When you brush your teeth, do you make sure your kids see you doing it? If not, you should.

After you’re done, show off your glossy pearly whites and tell them that theirs can look the same!

When your child is done brushing, encourage them to show off their super white smiles to you, too.

Making a Game Out of it

This is especially for parents that are still brushing their child’s teeth for them. Pretend that you’re finding various wild animals in their mouths and start chasing them with the toothbrush.

Be descriptive about what you’re finding in there. Talk about what kind of animal it is and what color fur you’re looking at. Let them know you’re chasing a polka-dotted pink gorilla and give them a big laugh!

Anything you can do that helps them use their imagination while brushing a lot more fun.

Take Turns

Set an alarm or timer and have your child brush their teeth for 30 full seconds. Then take your own turn and do so for 30 seconds.

Keep repeating this drill until you’ve both brushed your teeth for two minutes (or at least as long as your kid tolerates the trade-off).

If you’re doing this at bedtime, make sure that your child takes the last turn. Their saliva production slows down while sleeping and can’t wash away as much plaque as during the day.

It’s very important to keep teeth plaque-free being bedtime.

Bring on the Reinforcements

Sometimes older children with be stubborn and neglect to brush and floss. All of your reminders turn into white noise annoyances.

If that’s the case, it’s time to change the messenger.

Before your kid’s next dental checkup, give the office a call and let the dentist know about what’s happening.

Or, enlist Granda or Grandpa the next time they have a sleepover at their place. Often, the same message will be heeded when it comes from someone else.

Teeth Cleaning for Children Can Be Easier

Although some children are very hard-headed when it comes to teeth cleaning, it can be easier for both you and your child.

By following these few simple tips, you’ll find out that keeping your child’s teeth in top-notch shape doesn’t have to be so hard.

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