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The Truth About Charcoal Toothpaste (And Why Pro Whitening is Better)

We all want that perfect white smile, but it shouldn’t be attained through just any means, most especially if it’s harmful to your teeth.

One of the most popular ways people are seeking that bleach-white smile is through the use of charcoal toothpaste. But this is one of the worst things you can do to your teeth.

Do you want a smile that is beautiful and healthy? If so, think twice about using charcoal.

You’ll be shocked to learn the truth about this seemingly innocuous toothpaste.

The Truth About Charcoal Toothpaste

If you’re considering charcoal toothpaste to whiten your teeth, think again. Unless used very minimally and carefully, the process is harmful to your teeth.


Charcoal toothpaste is generally comprised of ingredients such as coconut shells, coal, sawdust or olive pits. It is these abrasive ingredients that result in the whitening of the teeth.

The materials scrub away food and other buildups on the teeth, making them appear clean and sparkling. But this comes at a heavy price.

In scrubbing away this buildup, you also risk scrubbing off the enamel. Eventually, this leads to dental decay.

Sensitive Teeth

The abrasion results in very sensitive teeth. If you enjoy cold foods, hot foods or sugary foods, chances are you won’t anymore.

The purpose of enamel is to protect the inner parts of your teeth. When that enamel is gone, there is nothing to stop contact with the nerves, which results in extreme sensitivity.

Eating and drinking with this condition can become almost unbearable.

Yellow Teeth

If you’re chasing those pearly whites, you have to be careful. As we discussed, the abrasive properties of charcoal eventually wear on a tooth’s enamel.

The result (besides the obvious health repercussions) is that the inner dentin slowly becomes revealed. Dentin is darker than enamel, so the result for those seeking a path to white teeth is less than ideal.

Instead of white teeth, your teeth will be yellower. Even worse, there is no way to replenish the enamel.

The Advantages of Pro Whitening

While charcoal may seem like a convenient method to achieve that dream smile, there are other available methods.

And they are just as convenient.

Professional whitening is one of these methods. Patients have whitening gel applied to their teeth by a dentist.

This gel has been extensively studied and is approved by the ADA. Most use peroxide as the main whitening agent, an ingredient that has been researched for decades.

The entire whitening process only takes up to an hour or hour and a half. Most people only require one whitening appointment.

Studies demonstrate at-home whitening methods take 16 days to show the same results as one in-office appointment.

Pearly Rights

It’s okay to chase after those pearly whites but make sure you do it the right and safe way.

That means avoiding charcoal toothpaste. Although YouTube posters, bloggers and individuals on social media have made this whitening method all the rage, it’s both dangerous and inefficient.

Instead, give your teeth a new brightness in the right way: through professional whitening.

Learn more about this effective and convenient process in our article so that you can dazzle people with a truly healthy smile.


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