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VIP Dental Service

We believe that your dental visit should be a pleasant experience. As such, we have taken great care to create the most relaxing atmosphere possible for patients of all ages. From the moment you first call our office, you will be treated as a valued client, receiving answers to your questions promptly and with courtesy. Due to the professionalism and care of our front office staff, we have made it possible for fearful patients to step foot into our dental office after years of avoiding the dentist.

During your short wait time, you may enjoy bottled water or juice from our beverage center, and sit comfortably in a soothing reception area. We respect your time, and make every effort to see every patient promptly upon arrival.

Our commitment to comfort extends into our treatment rooms, with comfortable massage chairs and support pillows. Patients may listen to music using headphones, or watch an overhead television throughout a treatment session, taking their mind off of the procedure being performed.

We understand that dental care, for many, is received under a fair amount of anxiety. Our dentist takes measures to make every patient feel as comfortable as possible. Seeing the dentist for cleanings, evaluation, or restorative treatment does not have to be wrought with anxiety or associated with pain. Before beginning any form of restorative care, ample local anesthetic is applied, first with topical numbing gel to decrease sensation to the gums before any injection is made. Knowing that patients may harbor fear even towards anesthetic injections, Dr. Hernandez applies only a small application first, followed by a second injection once the gums are more desensitized.

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Yes, we are here to care for your oral health, and that of your family. To accomplish the highest degree of care, however, our patients must feel comfortable and at ease. At Pacific Beach Smile Studio, we are experts at accomplishing the kind of atmosphere that makes our patients comfortable. To experience the kind of dental care that results in a pleasant experience, contact our dental office for your next appointment.

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