fastest way to straighten teeth

What’s the Fastest Way to Straighten Teeth?

Does the thought of wearing braces for years make you cringe? Wish there was a quicker way to straighten your teeth? Consider accelerated orthodontics for the fastest way to straighten teeth.

Read on to learn more about your options when it comes to accelerated orthodontics…

The AcceleDent Method

Accelerated orthodontics come in a variety of procedures. You’ll want to research which procedure is the best and fastest way to straighten teeth. This involves considering factors like your lifestyle, health, and resources.

Do you have 20 minutes a day that you can devote to getting straighter teeth? Then, the AcceleDent Method may be right for you. It’s a hands-free device that orthodontic patients wear for up to 20 minutes a day.

How does it work? It fits over the dental hardware already in your mouth. Then, it uses a gentle pulsing action to push teeth into the desired position.

Other Methods

Increasing cytokine activity can also speed up teeth repositioning. Two procedures encourage cytokine activity, which remodels bone more quickly. The first is known as the Propel Alveocentesis Method.

The Alveocentesis Method allows orthodontists to target specific teeth. This method increases cytokine activity for healthy tooth realignment.

Or, you may wish to look into the Micro-Osteoperforation (MOP) technique. MOP combines increased cytokine activity with force to move teeth more quickly into place.

Finally, some candidates may require Dental Terminology. Dental Terminology involves the surgical removal of tissue between teeth to make room for rapid realignment.

Aftercare Treatment

Aftercare treatment is a crucial part of any successful accelerated orthodontic treatment. What does this look like?

Plan on wearing a retainer for at least six months. This will give your teeth and bone time to recover and stabilize following each treatment.

Is It Right for You?

Not everyone is a good candidate for accelerated orthodontic procedures. An orthodontist will have to assess the health of your permanent teeth and facial bone structure.

Start with an office visit to find out whether or not you’re a good candidate. An orthodontist will take x-rays and evaluate your facial and oral functions. They’ll take comprehensive photos of your face and interior of your mouth for evaluation purposes.

How Much Does It Cost?

Costs vary depending on the orthodontist and the extent of the procedure. But accelerated orthodontic surgery costs on average $4,000. This puts accelerated orthodontics on a par, cost-wise, with traditional braces.

Why does it cost as much as traditional braces? Accelerated orthodontics correct teeth alignment more quickly.

But these interventions involve a combination of different procedures. Fortunately, dental pricing plans make accelerated orthodontic procedures accessible and affordable to many.

The Fastest Way to Straighten Teeth

Accelerated orthodontics deliver results more quickly than traditional procedures. But the fast-paced nature of the procedure means you’ll likely experience more discomfort than with traditional interventions.

That said, this discomfort doesn’t last as long. Traditional braces require wearers to experience discomfort for years, though less pronounced.

It’s important to assess which route to teeth straightening is best for your lifestyle and situation. Accelerated orthodontics also require dental specialists experienced in these procedures. So, do some research before consulting a technician.

Finally, remember that accelerated orthodontics remain new procedures. As a result, research about the long-term benefits of each intervention is limited. But with the right orthodontist and excellent post-treatment care, there appear to be no adverse effects.

A Winning Smile

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