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There are a lot of things that separate Pacific Beach Smile Studio from the typical dentist. First and foremost, we are a private office, so you will not have to deal with different corporate departments. Second, we value our customers’ needs and time, which is why we always listen to your needs and cater a solution specific to you. Third, we make ourselves available for any and all questions, because YOU are the priority.

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We are family owned and operated. With over thirty years of experience, Dr. Ricardo Hernandez prides himself to provide the highest quality dental care in San Diego.

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If you have been looking for the greatest dentist Pacific Beach CA has to offer, then you will be glad to know that you have found him! Dr. Ricardo Jay Hernandez has been serving the San Diego community since 1991. His dental practice was built on a foundation of core values. These values stem from his personal philosophy and aspirations. Let’s find out what makes Dr. Hernandez‘s office unique and his principles make him shine. Dr. Hernandez is committed to providing excellent patient care. With his decades of experience, he has perfected his skills to deliver high-quality service. From a routine check up to complex dental procedures, utilizes precision to detail. This is evident in everything from diagnosis to the execution of his work. 

What sets Dr. Hernandez’s dentist Pacific Beach CA practice apart is his compassion for people. He knows that coming to a new dental office is intimidating for patients so he strives to make a safe and nurturing environment where you can feel at ease and comfortable. Dr. Hernandez tries his best to build a rapport with the patients and offers words of reassurance to let them know they will be well taken care of. Upon meeting him patients are confident that they can put their trust in Dr. Hernandez. 

Above all else, he is committed to empowering the patients through education of their dental hygiene and explaining about the dental procedures. Dr. Hernandez personally likes it when people explain things to him about procedures that he may have and so he makes sure that he explains all the dental procedures to the patient. He takes time to explain their proper oral hygiene and different treatment options that help the patients become more knowledgeable about their mouth which leads to a better patient outcome and overall better oral health. 

Dr. Hernandez also enjoys giving back to the community. Everything from volunteering at local clinics to participating in health affairs or educating children at Local elementary schools. This helps foster  Goodwill in the community.

Dr. Hernandez’s mission is to provide a strong sense of integrity and ethics to his patients. He is transparent about everything from his dental billing, reviewing dental X-rays with the patients, and explains why dental procedures are recommended. Dr. Hernandez operates with integrity in everything he does which earns him respect with his patients as well as his colleagues. This is one of the many parts that make him one of the most sought after dentist Pacific Beach CA has available. 

Having a strong desire to be a dentist since he was in elementary school Dr. Hernandez has a natural compassion for people and prides himself on his ethics and making sure the patient is in charge at all times. Dr. Hernandez makes sure the patient feels comfortable at all times. Not only is he one of the best dentist Pacific Beach CA has, but Dr. Hernandez has also written two children’s books. One self published and one published. The books are to help motivate them to brush and see the dentist as their friend. The self published book is called Captain Oral and the Toothbuds and the published book is called the battle of the tooth bugs.

Dr. Hernandez’s dentist Pacific Beach CA practice is a testament to his unwavering his commitment to excellence his empathy with people and compassion, and he strives to make the patience empowered through dental education And his desire to make the patients feel comfortable in his office and for them to feel that they are in good hands with their dental treatment and choosing Dr. Hernandez as their dentist. Dr. Hernandez loves people and strives to give the best oral health outcomes and a great dental experience. Along with his children’s books to motivate them to brush and floss. Dr. Hernandez’s motivation is to inspire oral hygiene and leave a lasting impact on people.

When you meet Dr. Hernandez, he has a warm and friendly demeanor, which will put you at ease during your dental visits.   Many patients that have dental anxiety feel comfortable and at ease during their dental experience with Dr. Hernandez. Many patients told him that their anxiety goes away.  Many times they do not need Valium and can get through their dental procedures without any sedation. This takes a lot of skill and experience to do, so hearing it makes the patient very happy knowing that they are no longer fearful with Dental procedures. This makes them confident and in control.  

Dr. Hernandez invites you to come join his dental practice. He will make you feel comfortable that you came to the right place. He will listen to all your concerns and answer all your questions. If you need any dental work, he will explain to you why and show you Photos from his intraoral camera. He looks forward to meeting you. 

You will be happy to know that Dr. Hernandez keeps up with the latest technology at his practice. He is up to date with the advancements in dentistry. He enjoys offering his patients cutting edge technology. While always focusing on personal attention. Dr. Hernandez always strives for the pursuit of excellence. Striving to give his patients top notch service in a warm and inviting atmosphere. You will enjoy Dr. Hernandez’s meticulous attention to detail. His customer service and his inviting office. What truly sets Dr. Hernandez apart is educating his patient. This makes them better informed about their mouth so they can make better decisions about their treatment. 

In summary, Pacific Beach Smile Studio has received many beautiful reviews from many of his patients throughout the years as a dentist Pacific Beach CA. The patients trust him with their friends and family. The patients feel comfortable and at ease when they step into the office. As soon as they meet Dr. Hernandez. Not only do they feel calm, but they also trust him to fix, repair, or maintain what he calls “everyone’s  greatest asset.” Dr. Hernandez’s warm demeanor and pleasant bedside manners always make the patient feel  they chose the right place.