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Dr. Ricardo Hernandez and our team at PB Smile Studio believe that a gorgeous smile is a powerful asset. The confidence that comes from having great teeth can open doors to new personal and professional opportunities.

If crooked teeth or spaces in between your teeth are preventing your smile from looking its best, Dr. Hernandez has a safe and effective solution: Invisalign, which has been used to transform millions of smiles comfortably and conveniently. With Invisalign, you can look and feel your best, and your confidence will be evident to everyone you encounter. Dr. Hernandez is a trusted Invisalign provider that will help you achieve the beautiful, unique smile you deserve.

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Enhance the Beauty and Health of Your Smile with Invisalign

Traditional orthodontia consists of bulky, conspicuous metal brackets and wires, which is why adults prefer the cutting-edge, invisible Invisalign system. As an Invisalign patient, you will wear a series of clear, plastic aligners that slip over your teeth and gradually straighten and move them into the desired position. After treatment, your teeth will look beautifully straight, even and aligned.

In addition to enhancing your smile, Invisalign also has health benefits. Straight, aligned teeth are easier to keep clean with brushing and flossing, thereby minimizing the risk of tooth decay. And, when the teeth are properly aligned, the gums fit more securely around them; this reduces the risk of developing potential periodontal disease.

By protecting the health of your teeth, you are also protecting your overall health. Studies have shown a link between untreated tooth decay and gum disease with more serious health problems like heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

Who knew that having a beautiful smile could also be so advantageous to your health?

Why Pacific Beach Invisalign Patients Trust Dr. Hernandez

Dr. Hernandez is a highly qualified, experienced dentist that believes in the power of Invisalign. Through the tooth-straightening system and other cosmetic dentistry treatments, he has helped thousands of people enjoy gorgeous smiles for life.

Why is he one of PB’s most renowned dentists? Because he cares about more than just looks — he is truly invested in the health and well-being of his patients.

Invisalign Treatment at PB Smile Studio

Your set of Invisalign aligners will be custom-crafted to your specifications, using high-quality materials. Dr. Hernandez will take impressions and measurements of your teeth and mouth, and use sophisticated computer software to plan out your sequence of aligners.

You will wear one set (consisting of one upper and one lower aligner) at a time. The aligners, which are discreet and comfortable, can be removed for eating, drinking and cleaning. Typically, a set of aligners is worn for two to five weeks at a time before being swapped out with the next set.

Total treatment time is usually between six months to a year, depending on the degree of correction needed.


Invisalign FAQs

What are the aligners made of?

Invisalign aligners are made of thermoplastic material designed to look similar to teeth-whitening trays that slip over teeth.

How do the aligners straighten teeth?

The Invisalign treatment involves the patient wearing a series of aligners that will gradually straighten and move the teeth into the desired position. During each stage, only certain teeth are allowed to move. Dr. Hernandez will determine the amount of time that each aligner needs to be worn as he designs your unique Invisalign treatment plan.

How long does treatment take?

The length of treatment varies from patient to patient, depending on the severity of each case. However, most adult patients wear aligners for about 12 months.

How often will I need to wear my aligners?

For best results, aligners should be worn 20 to 22 hours per day. You should only remove your aligners for eating, brushing and flossing.

Is the process painful?

Invisalign aligners are virtually painless. However, some people may experience temporary discomfort (a feeling of slight pressure) for a few days at the beginning of each new state of treatment. This discomfort should dissipate within a few days.

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Do the aligners affect my speech?

Like other orthodontic treatments, Invisalign may temporarily affect your speech. This should go away once you get more comfortable wearing your aligners.

Can the aligners slip off?

Because the aligners are custom made to fit the unique specifications of your mouth, it is very unlikely that your aligners would ever fall out. This means you can feel secure when sleeping, talking, laughing and during other activities.

How do I take care of my aligners?

You can clean your aligners by brushing and rinsing them in lukewarm water once a day.

How much does Invisalign cost?

In most cases, Invisalign treatment is comparable to the cost of traditional braces. Ultimately, the cost of your Invisalign treatment will depend on the degree of correction needed.

Will my insurance cover Invisalign?

Your dental insurance can cover all or a portion of your Invisalign treatment if your plan includes orthodontic coverage. Dr. Hernandez also offers affordable and flexible financing options to help pay for your Invisalign treatment.

To learn more about how Invisalign can straighten your teeth, make over your smile and boost your confidence, schedule a consultation with Dr. Hernandez. Call PB Smile Studio at 858-272-6047 to make an appointment today.

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