yellow teeth

What Causes Yellow Teeth and How Teeth Whitening Helps

A bad smile ruins a pretty face, right? You see yellow teeth and assume that person doesn’t have good oral hygiene methods. When in reality, tooth discoloration is more common than you think. And teeth can easily turn yellow. Often, everyday habits are the main cause of tooth discoloration. Fortunately, there are ways to treat

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type of braces

5 Questions to Find the Best Type of Braces for You

Remember those middle school years where it seemed like everyone had braces? We associate braces with teenagers yet hardly with adults. Braces are no longer for kids! More than 1.5 million adults in the U.S. and Canada have braces. An increasing number of adults are turning to different types of braces to solve cosmetic issues

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dentistry for children

6 Things You Didn’t Know About Dentistry for Children

According to the CDC, 1 in 5 children has tooth decay that goes unattended. Even when they become pre-teens and teens, the numbers only go down to 1 in 7. Your child counts on you to help them learn healthy habits that they’ll carry for a lifetime. Let’s explore 6 interesting dentistry for children facts

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straight teeth

The Best Way to Get Straight Teeth Without Anyone Knowing

Are you embarrassed when you smile? Are you sure people are looking at your teeth and judging them? A bright smile with straight teeth goes a long way in increasing self-confidence, especially now when it seems like everyone has picture-perfect teeth. And that’s not your imagination. People really do want and have nicer smiles than

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kid's first dental

When to Expect at Your Kids First Dental Exam

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentists recommends parents take their kids to the dentist between their first and second birthday when their first tooth begins to erupt. But taking a toddler for their first dental exam can be scary for your child. They may feel timid around the doctors or nurses or scared about the

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invisalign vs braces

The Definitive Result of the Invisalign vs Braces Debate

Straight teeth come with many perks. For starters, if you have straight teeth, people are 38% more likely to think you’re smart. However, many people have doubts about metal braces. Research shows that more than 90% American teens who never had braces believe that metal braces would hurt their chances of fitting in. Additionally, 41% of them

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in office teeth whitening

At Home vs In Office Teeth Whitening: Which is Best?

Today, more than 80% of Americans between the age of 18 and 49 want whiter teeth. This is because tooth discoloration affects peoples’ self-confidence and professional appearance. There are many different types of teeth whitening techniques available. These consist of two main categories: at-home treatment or in office care. Many people look at this decision

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how to reverse gum disease

How to Reverse Gum Disease with a Visit to a Dentist

Nearly half of all American adults (47.2 percent) are currently dealing with moderate or severe gum disease. If you’re part of this group, don’t give up hope. You still have options! Read on to learn how to reverse gum disease with a trip to the dentist. What is Gum Disease? Gum disease occurs when plaque

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periodontal therapy

What Is Periodontal Therapy and How It Stops Tooth Loss

If you’re experiencing periodontal disease, you know how scary that can be. No one wants to deal with bleeding gums or teeth loss. The good thing is that you can treat early stages of this disease with periodontal therapy. Do you want to effectively take care of your periodontal disease? In this article, we’ll explain

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