Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges in Pacific Beach

Are one or more missing teeth making you hold back your smile? Let Dr. Ricardo Hernandez of Pacific Beach Smile Studio make you feel confident and happy about your smile with a dental bridge. By replacing missing teeth, dental bridges have the ability to transform the appearance and functionality of your teeth for years to come.

The Benefits of Dental Bridges

Sometimes called a fixed partial denture, a dental bridge is a type of restoration used to literally “bridge” the gap where one or more teeth used to be. A dental bridge offers several cosmetic and oral health benefits including:

  • A healthy-looking and attractive smile with no gaps
  • Replacement teeth made of strong and durable materials that allow you to chew comfortably
  • An even bite that prevents unevenly worn teeth and jaw problems
  • Sturdy design and secure placement that prevents teeth from shifting
  • A renewed confidence in your smile!
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Rest assured that Dr. Hernandez and our team at PB Smile Studio will work closely with you to choose the dental bridge that best addresses your concerns.

Treatment Details

Dental bridge placement

The dental bridge placement typically requires two visits to our office. During the first appointment, Dr. Hernandez will prepare your teeth by reshaping the tooth or teeth that surround the gap. Next, he will make an impression of your mouth to create a bridge that properly fits your bite. The impressions are sent to the dental laboratory that creates the dental bridge using strong, durable, high-quality materials. Dr. Hernandez will place one or more temporary crowns while the bridge is being made.

Once your permanent bridge is ready, you will return to the office to have it placed. Dr. Hernandez will position the bridge and make any last-minute adjustments necessary to create a snug fit. He will then bond the bridge into place with a strong dental adhesive.

Why Choose Dr. Hernandez for Your Dental Bridge

The health and beauty of your smile is Dr. Hernandez’ top priority. The experienced dentist is known for creating dental solutions specifically tailored to each patient’s mouth, which allows his patients to smile confidently and effectively perform everyday tasks such as chewing and speaking. Dr. Hernandez uses only the strongest, highest-quality materials to craft dental bridges, ensuring long-lasting, beautiful results.

If you struggle with a broken, uncomfortable smile, a dental bridge is what you may need to feel confident again. To find out if a dental bridge is right for you, please contact Pacific Beach Smile Studio today by calling 858-272-6047. A member of our team will gladly schedule an appointment for you with Dr. Hernandez.

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