Tension / Headaches

Tension & Headaches

Did you know that many headaches are caused by tension related to dental problems? Your bite or the muscles in your jaw are often the culprits behind muscle tension and headaches for many Americans, meaning that we can help the problem go away. We can verify whether or not the problem is dental in origin and help you solve it at the same time.

Signs That Your Tension Is a Result of Dental Problems

Do you experience…

  • Popping jaw joints?
  • Teeth grinding?
  • Pain when you touch your head or scalp?
  • Pain behind your eyes?
  • Tired or sore jaw muscles, especially after waking up?

If so, then your headaches might be the result of a dental problem, and we can help.

Dental Problems That Can Cause Headaches

Muscle Imbalance. If the muscles in your jaw are off-kilter or imbalanced in any way, then this can upset the relationship between all the other muscles in your head, causing tension and headaches as a result.

Referred Pain. Sometimes the actual source of our pain is in one part of the body (such as the mouth or jaw), but it is transferred to another part of the body. So the pain we should be feeling in our jaw or teeth is actually being felt in our forehead or skull.

Strained Jaw Muscles. Your jaw has to work every time you chew or swallow, and it never gets a break. If your teeth are misaligned, then this can increase the tension in your jaw dramatically, eventually causing your jaw muscles to become strained. And strained muscles are often painful.


If you have frequent headaches and believe they might be the result of dental problems, then we can help. We’ll examine your jaw muscles, jaw joints, and your teeth to determine the origin of your headaches and any dental problems that may have caused them. If dental problems are the source of your headaches, then we’ll focus on correcting your bite to reduce the tension in your mouth and jaw muscles. While counseling, relaxation, or physical therapy may be helpful as well, the only way to truly rid yourself of headaches relating to dental issues is to correct the problem with your mouth. So stop by today if you suffer from frequent headaches. We may be able to make the problem go away!

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