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6 Things You Didn’t Know About Dentistry for Children

According to the CDC, 1 in 5 children has tooth decay that goes unattended. Even when they become pre-teens and teens, the numbers only go down to 1 in 7.

Your child counts on you to help them learn healthy habits that they’ll carry for a lifetime.

Let’s explore 6 interesting dentistry for children facts you may not know.

1) Brushing a Baby’s Teeth Is About More Than Keeping Them Clean

The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends brushing a baby’s gums even before teeth come in. It helps keep the surface clean and ready for when they do. You can use a soft cloth or baby-sized soft bristle brush.

Once teeth come in, brush Baby’s teeth twice a day. And allow Baby to brush Baby’s own teeth in between.

You’re not just keeping surfaces clean. You’re helping instill a healthy habit that Baby will continue for a lifetime.

2) Babies Need to See the Dentist Too

Your baby is never too young to visit the dentist. As soon as the first couple teeth appear, schedule the first appointment with your pediatric dentist.

Your dentist can detect any potential issues early to monitor or correct them before they become extensive repairs.

3) Toothbrush Size Matters

Adult toothbrushes are not for children. Pre-teen toothbrushes may have designs that your 5-year-old loves. But that doesn’t mean they can get the job done.

A child’s toothbrush should always fit easily in the mouth. If it’s too big it will be uncomfortable and discourage brushing. If it’s too small, it can’t get all of the surface areas.

Find a soft bristle brush that fits nicely in your child’s mouth and has a handle that your child can grip easily.

4) Baby Teeth Matter Too

You may think that your child will just lose them anyway. They’re not that important. But rotting baby teeth can cause many long-term effects in a child:

  1. It may impact how permanent teeth come in
  2. Your child may need costly dental work later
  3. The child doesn’t develop good habits for adulthood
  4. The child may suffer in school because of pain, bullying, etc.

5) Juice Is As Bad As Soda on The Teeth

A common occurrence in dentistry for children is to see a child come in with lots of cavities. Often the culprit isn’t candy. It’s fruit juice.

You may think it’s high in vitamins and great for a child. It’s so much better than soda.

But fruit juice is high in sugar.

You should limit juice consumption for both your baby and young children.

If you encourage them to drink water or milk instead, they’ll develop a healthier habit for life.

6) Dental Sealants Help Baby Teeth Stay Healthier

You brush your child’s teeth regularly. That’s fantastic. But back teeth can be hard to reach and fully clean. In dentistry for children, dental sealants are now being recommended.

These sealants put up a barrier to protect the molars during this critical time.

Dentistry for Children Today

To keep your child healthy, care for those teeth and gums. Getting the right toothbrush and beginning regular visits are a great way to set your child up for success in school and life.

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