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This is Exactly What You Need to Know to Get Amazing Invisalign Results

You’re about to invest a lot of time and money into your smile. To achieve the best Invisalign results, commit to these treatment guidelines.

Wear Your Aligners the Full 22 Hours Each Day

Yes. 22 hours a day.

For results that last, only remove your trays to eat, drink, brush and floss. It’s okay to keep them in if you drink water.

Most patients report noticing their Invisalign trays less and less after a few days.

Wearing the aligners full-time will also help you practice talking. (Some people talk with a slight lisp when first using Invisalign.) The longer you keep the trays on your teeth, the quicker you get used to the effect.

Stick to the Schedule

Change your aligner according to the unique treatment plan set by Dr. Hernandez.

Sometimes it will be okay to switch to a new aligner sooner than planned. Other times you’ll need to wear the current aligner a few extra days. Dr. Hernandez will determine the amount of time to wear each set of new trays. Expect to wear a set of trays two to five weeks.

Ignoring the advice of your orthodontist will not speed up your Invisalign results. In fact, you may hinder progress if you start a new set of trays before Dr. Hernandez instructs you to do so. This can result in each set of new aligners progressively fitting worse.

Take Care of Your Teeth and Your Trays

Brush and floss regularly.

This needs to be done many times throughout the day. This is part of the 2 hours of time recommended for taking out your trays.

And to ensure the best Invisalign results you should properly care for your trays.

We recommend using a mild, antibacterial soap and warm water to clean trays.
Cleaning with a toothbrush and paste may scratch the plastic. This leaves areas for bacteria to attach and cause trouble with your teeth.

Invisalign also offers their own line of products for keeping trays clean.

Water is Your New Best Friend

The only thing you should drink while your aligners are in your mouth is water. Do not eat or drink liquids besides water with your Invisalign trays in your mouth.

For the Best Invisalign Results Wear Your Retainer

Did you know your retainer is the most important part of your treatment?

There is a very common phenomenon called “orthodontic relapse.” Teeth may move back to their original positions if not given time to settle into the new alignment.

Your retainer provides the extra structure your new smile needs to become permanent. Patients who fail to wear their retainer regularly often experience an orthodontic relapse.

Transform Your Smile with Invisalign

Your desire for a beautiful, straight smile is what brought you here in the first place. Don’t throw away all the time and money you’ve invested by not following through.

For amazing Invisalign results choose a qualified, experienced team. At Pacific Beach Smile Studio we believe in the power of Invisalign.

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